Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any special care instructions?

All items are VERY durable, practical and intended for every-day use. Hand washing only is recommended for water bottles and wine tumblers. For fabric and clothing items, gentle machine washing of garment inside-out and line dry. Bags, shoes, purses, etc. use a mild detergent and moist cloth to cleanse exterior and allow to air dry. We find that lint-free cloths (microfiber) makes a great lint-free polisher.

What can be customized?

Groups and individuals may contact us for customization of items for their organizations. Any water bottle and wine tumbler can be customized with monograms and logo branding. Send us your logo in PDF for a quotation. We will offer custom embroidery very soon… stay posted!

What is the delivery time?

Standard shipment time is 5-7 business days from receipt of order. Any extensions in delivery time will be communicated prior to beginning order.

Can we connect virtually?

Yes! We are excited to now offer Virtual Creative Workshops for anyone across the country! Click here to request a Virtual Creative Workshop and we will be in touch!

Do we do fundraisers?

We are happy to support the community. Please contact us for more details.