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Appreciation & Brand Recognition Gifts

Swarovski Jewels For a Whole Lot of Shine!

At Embellished Butterfly, we create custom gifts with Swarovski jewels that shine and sparkle as bright as you! Personalized gifts that are unique and beautiful. We know how important it is to show the right people that you appreciate them and by doing so, creates more productive teams, more loyal customers, and more brand recognition.   

Your colleagues, coworkers, and employees can be told many times how much value they contribute on any day of the year. Don’t reserve appreciation for special occasions, but make it standard practice to thank all of your special people regularly. Small surprises and tokens of gratitude and appreciation spread throughout the year help those in your work life feel valued all year long. When someone feels valued, it affirms the commitment they’ve made and energizes their responsibility to continue contributing and excelling.

The opportunities are endless and limited only by your imagination. At Embellished Butterfly, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we help find ways that are natural and comfortable to demonstrate your appreciation, since your authenticity is the key. In the area of our personal or professional happiness, there are simple elements that forever holds true — one of which is the fundamental need to feel appreciated and valued.

My Mission

Where does one begin their story? My work ethic was born very early as a teenager where I learned to work hard and appreciate the importance of impeccable customer service. During this time, I became attracted to the brilliance of Swarovski Crystals and my creative spirit soared while producing jewelry for the high-end fashion market. I compared this with our inner selves, where the sparkle might be superficial, but hidden are the intricately faceted cuts that become our true being. It is the many paths we travel that polish the facets which reveals to the world our shinning brilliance.

I found a love for helping others, and education in many forms became the journey. In healthcare and physical fitness, I have been able to inspire people of all walks how to age gracefully and strengthen their bodies and thus their spirit and soul. Having experienced so many stories of clients placed me on the path destined to commit myself to supporting my community in ways I had not imagined before.

As a people-oriented person, I exhibit a strong need to give back and to be something bigger than myself. Always having the desire to create and leave things better than the way I found them… through positive influences and inspiration. This is where Embellished Butterfly came to be. The thirst for creativity and community balanced with the beauty of Swarovski Crystal is the drive behind this chapter. The journey of love for others, beauty, positive energy and self-expression is the shining spirit of this company.

My Communities and Organizations

Add Sparkle and Color YOUR World!

There are so many ways color and sparkle can add light and joy to your world. Schedule a call with me so we can brainstorm original ideas that can help breathe life into your design!