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Serving the Community Spirit

Through Embellished Butterfly, my personal goal has always been to serve women in my community by helping them achieve financial independence and follow the creative, enriching paths they long for.

I support an organization Rubi’s Positive Empowerment that works closely with adults with disabilities helping them discover and develop their natural artistic talent & ability to earn a living income through their artistry.

With Radiant Lifestyle Coaching, I take my passion further to help women live a more radiant life by investing in their dreams, discovering their driving spirit, setting intention, and finding purpose in their one wild & precious life.

The opportunities are endless and limited only by your imagination. At Embellished Butterfly, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we help find ways that are natural and comfortable to demonstrate your appreciation, since your authenticity is the key. In the area of our personal or professional happiness, there are simple elements that forever holds true — one of which is the fundamental need to feel appreciated and valued.

My Mission

My calling is investing in people. I am a multi-dimensional Co-Creator, Collaborator and Connector as well as a coach with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, Speaker, and a contributing author in an International Best Seller.

I thrive as a Transformational Success Coach and help entrepreneurs succeed in life and business with my 35+ years of education and experience in healthcare, clinical education, sales, and am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and founder/ CEO of three new startups: Chris Dyer Consulting, Positively Panache and Embellished Butterfly. My specialty is teaching creative entrepreneurs how to get off their ‘assets’, write their own rules, and create bold action and results for their business.

I own two super-powers: Love and my Can-Do attitude. Those powers allow me to see limitless possibilities in myself, as well as those I serves.

I find my joy in relationships, travel and adventure, and spending quality time in nature. While I am currently living between Colorado Springs and Las Vegas, my home is always where my heart is…right here in the present, where I am seated.

Chris Dyer

My Communities and Organizations

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