Connecting with Creativity

This is unprecedented times some say. Many of us have not been through a pandemic of this caliber in our lifetimes. The last pandemic to quarantine and social distance the population was a little over 100 years ago. Can you imagine being quarantined in 1918 with no technology? No TV? No Zoom meetings? No internet? Do you wonder how people kept themselves busy? Reading and card games for sure. Movie theaters were open but you had to keep the chair between you empty. And instead of toilet paper disappearing from the shelves, it was popular magazines.

We are lucky to have technology today to keep us connected, entertained and allow most of us to work remotely. Yet we are feeling a bit lonely and disconnected, missing celebrations and wondering when we will be able to see those bright, shiny, unmasked faces in person. But you don’t actually have to wait for the quarantine to be over to celebrate those occasions or just have a family connect day or a girls’ night out.

We are now offering virtual workshops where you can connect and create something special with your friends and family.

Public events are scheduled every month and found on our event page: Upon registration for the event you select, you will be shipped a complete kit to include everything needed to create your masterpiece.

If you would like to offer a private event for your friends and family, you may connect with us at

On the day and time of the event, we meet on Zoom. We facilitate the virtual workshop in REAL TIME…connecting you with your friends and family and walking you through the process, tips and tricks to creating your own masterpiece. This is a perfect way to connect, create and have fun even when you are far apart. The best thing about these workshops is that anyone can join in any time zone AND are kid friendly. Do you have someone in another state you were planning to visit? Invite them to the workshop! Is it your sister’s birthday and your girl’s getaway to celebrate was cancelled? Let’s book a wine cup workshop! You all will have a beautiful keepsake that you can use daily to remind you of your time together creating and having fun quarantine style!

We are currently offering the following options for virtual workshops;

  • Sparkling Swell Water Bottles
    • Kits include a 17 oz Swell Water Bottle, Swarovski crystals, tools and everything required to design a one-of-a-kind creation. Customization is handled during the registration to include the bottle, colors of crystals, your design or logo / pattern.
  • Traveling Wine / Coffee Cup
    • Our most popular event and kid friendly! These mugs are great for indoor / outdoor events, traveling to the mountains, pool or ocean. Everything included for a sparkling, practical gift!
  • Want to do something a bit different? Let’s collaborate and brainstorm your ideas!