Hello and welcome to the Embellished Butterfly inaugural blog post! Here is a space that I hope we can visit and stay in touch even with our busy lives! Our goal is to add inspiration and encouragement in small doses AND to keep you up-to-date on relevant announcements in the business.

Impacting Tomorrow Today

Today I would like for you to consider how your actions today will positively impact those around you, which will create that ripple effect and manifest years down the road in ways you cannot imagine.

As I snapped this adorable pose of my grand-daughter, a powerful message of introspection occurred as I observed her in a contemplative, precious moment. That day was a typical Colorado winter scenario…schools closed and snowy roads. I agreed to assist my daughter by entertaining the kids so she could get to her job, even though most other businesses were closed for the day. When we’re already busy, we sometimes think to ourselves ‘how can I handle ONE MORE THING?  My morning was a little sideways…trying to accomplish a few of my business goals while also being in service to my daughter…I was focusing on the stress of it all. As I was attempting all the multi-tasking of work and home, my grand-daughter was entertaining herself and brought a step stool normally kept in another room to the kitchen. In her natural curiosity, she wanted to see what I was up to. My focus became clear as I caught her in the first pose…the one of wonder, contemplation and contentment as she stared out the small window in my kitchen. There, in the beauty of that moment, was my ‘a-ha’. I instantly had a mind-set shift. Instead of burdening myself with the myriad of tasks that I wanted to complete that day, I instead absorbed the gift of being in that moment…and grabbed my phone to catch that picture…and to capture the awe of just being still and appreciating the gift of having time with precious people in my life. Once she was onto me, she could not resist looking over to give me a sweet smile for me (and her mom) on my phone. The inspiration of that picture is the message for today…

The stool that my grand-daughter is standing on was actually made by my son in high school, and was gifted to me as his first proud project completed in a shop class. That stool has traveled with me across the continent and is still a source of pride and one of my favorite gifts. As I sent the same picture to my son, because, after all, my grand-daughter is his niece, I asked him to consider the following; did you realize the positive energy you put into making that stool would benefit someone else you could not conceive of so many years into the future?  The gift he made and gave with only me in mind has now become a gift to my grandchildren…so they can rise up and see the world more clearly.

Life lesson for today:  slow down and appreciate the gifts that are sprung upon you (find the good in every stressful situation) and two: consider the lasting impact of your thoughts, words and gifts to the universe…not only today, but how they will manifest in the future.  We are all raindrops in this universe and have a responsibility to create positive ripples by our service and gifts.

Take Care ❤️